4 App Strategies Mobility Industry Must Follow


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It’s sufficiently bad for organizations to simply be “mobile aware” any longer. Companies that haven’t executed BYOD policies or different types of enterprise applications are truly missing out on enhanced productivity rates, better work process forms and opened up incomes.

It’s assessed that right around 2.08 billion people will be using smartphones in this year. Consequently, an enterprise mobile application is not only “a decent option to have”. It’s a need.

Before reaching your closest mobile apps development company, read the accompanying essential strategies for big business mobile applications that you should consider:

  • The App is the Plan

What does it comes in our mind for “The App is the Plan”?

Well, it is quite simple.

When you have synced all your gadgets with the enterprise application, you will be on one page with everything happening in every one of the divisions of your company. With enterprise unification, connecting databases and systems turns out to be much simpler and all information stores are at one place.

  • The mobile application must be accessible

Obviously, data access to employees is vital. The application must be accessible, at least for concerned enterprise systems. Mobile development must be done before you done your application. Mobile app development companies should be ensuring that the first week of launch.

  • The mobile application must be attractive

By report by eMarketer, no any mobile applications in China could hold its customer after the first week of application launch.

Why do customers end using an application they installed on their device?

One of them can be that app won’t not be engaging enough to make users experience. We should remember that an attention to focus of an application user is from 8 to 10 seconds.

The application needs a engaging in user experience. Things, for example, “buy one get one free” offers, discounts etc. But only offers and discounts never bring customers to come back for more.

  • The mobile application should have secured data

Your mobile application has information and data about your day by day business procedures and dealings. It is readily available. It maintains the interest of users.

What’s remained?


The security of your application information is the main. You have to ensure that the information is secured for all the gadgets or cloud database and so on.

Please keep safe above mentioned tips in your and take a seat and have a discussion with the guys at IT. They arrive to offer assistance. Enterprise applications don’t need to be a torment. They arrive to enhance forms in a huge and positive way that won’t just help your employees however help your business achieve new statures of progress.

At FuGenX – one of the best android app development companies in Dubai, we are constantly prepared to offer you with your business, some assistance with transforming your ideas into successful technology solution for optimize your current processes and support revenues. We would love to have you in our Discovery Workshop and characterize the possibilities, to have a substantial effect. If you might want to know more about how we can use our assets and skill to give help, simply drop us a line at info@fugenx.com. For Android apps development Dubai, please don’t hesitate to visit our site at whatever time.


Top Challenges in Enterprise Mobile Application Development


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mobile app developers in Dubai

Many mobile application development companies work towards building customized applications for enterprises in the wake of concentrating on their processes and the need to present automation. These mobile applications are business forms based instead of other general applications found in application stores.

It is a significant challenge building customized applications for enterprises. A percentage of the basic challenges seen are:

  • Security
  • User Interface
  • Technology


Under security there are different viewpoints that should be considered while creating applications for enterprises. The principal viewpoint to be considered is employee validation. Executing a safe login technique is crucial. Many organizations require incorporation with their LDAP servers, for example, Active Directory servers. This makes it conceivable to enable single sign on and makes it advantageous for all employees to deal with their application logins and passwords. Another part of security is to empower server side validation. This will guarantee that the validations are done on the server and not on the customer which enormously enhances the application execution. The code and logic will always be steady and updated because it is specifically updated on the server. In conclusion, it is dependably a smart thought to use encryption for storing your information.

User interface Designs

When you are getting direct customers for your application, attractive and consideration getting UI’s make sense. When your application users are business users the usefulness of the interface beats the magnificence. This does not imply that bad looking interfaces will do. Style is all time needed and the first look should always be interesting if not stunning! Indeed, for big business applications usability precedes look. The accentuation is on making applications that are advantageous to use and instinctive for the employee as well. For example, we should use icons to signify about the button’s made for.

HTML 5 or Native Apps

Choosing the right technology for creating the application is a large portion of your job done. For enterprises there are uncommon contemplation. Technology wise, there are two ways to deal with making mobile applications one is web applications and the other is native applications. The applications built particularly for iOS for example, can be developed with objective C. These native applications can take absolute advantage the gadget hardware. Web applications then again can’t converse with the gadget hardware. So depending on the kind of features required, you can take a call whether web technologies or native applications should be developed.

Use of cross platform applications and hybrid applications makes this simpler for android app development companies. The key is to analyse the requirements and the employee base to choose what technology will be used for business android apps development.

Generally, enterprises are definitely moving towards a mobile future and developers need to beat every one of the difficulties to make applications that will make an overall impact on the effectiveness and productivity of enterprises both vast and little.

A native application is one which has been produced for use on a particular platform or gadget. FuGenX is a mobile app development companies Dubai which gives iPhone and android app development in Dubai services using mobile application program. We help you to turn your innovation into wonderful mobile application.

What Are the Dimensions of A Good Mobile Application?

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Android and iOS have made a gigantic market of mobile apps. A huge number of applications are released week by week around the world. Maximum applications depend on Android OS or iOS, on the grounds that these two platforms are exceptionally trending and requesting. In today’s situation Android and iOS have involved just about the entire business market mobile phones and mobile applications.

The point that I need to convey to your notification here is that although a great many mobile applications are released week by week, however just few of them get to be popular and world famous. In any case, why is that so? Did you ever consider it? Why just couples of applications get to be famous and drifting and create great income for their business? What variables make those applications distinctive; from other ordinary applications? Here you will get answers of all the above inquiries.

If you are creating to a mobile application and need that your mobile application enter in the trending application list and be popular simply like WhatsApp, Angry Bird or Candy Crush, then you should include these fixings which make the equation of a prominent and inclining mobile application.

Here we will examine aspects which make your application more prevalent:

Platform Compatibility: The mobile application which you are creating should be good for every single mobile platform and all real brand gadgets. Compatibility with tablet resolutions will be an add-on.

Keep it Easy: Keep the usefulness of your mobile application as straightforward as it could be. In the event that conceivable, then give it to free download. In the same time your application should be anything but difficult to install and simple to use.

Right Targeted Users: If you are imagining that everybody will download your application and use it, then my companion you are altogether wrong. Not everybody will use and introduce your app. It relies on upon the mobile application category. Find right target users as indicated by your application classification and focus on your application among right users and in addition in right demographic region.

Uniqueness: Don’t duplicate the thoughts or idea of different applications. Do efforts to make an application taking into account interesting thought and new idea. Since individuals such as applications that are different to them and that they have not attempted some time recently.

Network with Social Media: If your mobile application doesn’t have the online networking availability like, Facebook or Twitter then it can be a major disadvantage for your mobile application. Be careful! You are losing a major measure of users regular. In this way, add online networking availability capacities in your mobile application. You can likewise include share feature, which permits users to share application related activities to different users. This will spread your application.

You can include some more considers this list, yet these are the fundamental and important aspects which are crucial for a mobile application to wind up prevalent and enter in the drifting application list.

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5 Strange Mobile Apps That Will Blow Your Mind


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As of February 2015, the whole number of applications in Google Play and Apple Store has paid a whopping 2.8 million. For aspiring mobile application developers, that can be very inspiring and motivating or extremely scaring, which is justifiable. In any case, with that sort of number, you simply know that at any rate many those are on the “weirder” side. Although it can be defended by saying that the margin of new thoughts is getting more slender, you can’t likewise help yet be astounded at some of them. So, how bizarre has it gone? You may be surprised.


iPad application developers

The inventors of this application say that it can identify what a cry meant. Presently, before you say this is crazy, a clinical testing from a hospital in Spain said that more than 90% of the infants they tried quit crying after they had taken after the application’s suggestions. It was definitely a good look for them. But, the user surveys, which are as essential as it can get, tell another story. As of this writing, the apps average rating in the Apple Store is 2 stars. The last couple of reviews didn’t help either; all panned the application’s mistake. One of them even said that “(the application) was simply an oddity.” While it is valid from various perspectives’, it’s still confusing how and why anybody would pay $5 for this – even $1 sounds excessively.


android application developers

It’s very simple… also, a little gross for many. It was well known for some time, yet their share of critics was also strong, splitting people’s opinions equally. Our “self-explanatory” subject is still in play. In this way, this application just gives you a chance to pop pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and scabs in a timed challenge. Among their mini games include Memory Game and Bubble Shooter, which challenges your memory of the game’s sound FX and ability to group pimple-looking bubbles, individually. Well, considering everything, it may be safe to say that the mobile app developers of this application should truly like this sort of nastiness. Here are some of their different creations: Pimplefy My Face, Pimple Popper Season, and Pimple Popper Pixel.

windows application developers

Presently, this one right here is surely pissing off a lot feminists. An application that takes into account men (or ladies) that is unfaithful? Truly? It’s certainly difficult to accept. Others will simply have some fun with it, but you can’t say that there are some who will utilize it for “womanizing” reasons. It stores huge significant details, for example, names, gifts given, area of dates, and a few other key details of interest that unfaithful people require so they won’t get caught. In this way, the those who have ” plans,” download it and thump yourself out, but be prepared if your loved one figures out and ” knocks you out.”

GHOST HUNTING APPS(Spirit Box, Ghost Detector, Ghost Voice Recorder, Ghost Hunter – Paranormal Activity, and so on.)
iphone app developers

For this thing, we won’t concentrate on only one application. There’s just too of them, as showed previously. Functionality wise, they obviously differ from many ways, they are all comparative in one case: they can distinguish ghosts. It can be truly intriguing to those who are interested with the “paranormal world.” That said, nobody can also deny that this application has a lot of novelty mixed in it. This is not really about ghosts being genuine or not, but rather an application saying it can distinguish ghosts is simply not the most acceptable thing on the planet, without a doubt. From the reviews we’ve read online, some are telling that the application can indeed gather voices. We’ll give them the smallest benefit of the doubt, however it’s truly hard to trust that those sound are from ghosts, particularly in this tremendously modernized, high-tech world we live in.


mobile app developers

Watching Cute Girl surely takes the cake when you discuss strange applications. Leave it to the Japanese to create things like these. They will push the envelope without hesitation, regardless to the point. The reason is simple: in case only you’re (or if nothing else feeling alone), the application will make forget that you are. The “watching cute girl” is right on your smartphone as you launch the application; staring at you while you do whatever it is you’re doing. That is not all, however: she talks, moves, and converses with you. It’s similar to Siri with a face and body, however not as useful… Furthermore, you’d be probably more crawled out with “Watching Cute Girl.”

In Conclusion

If one thing they truly did well, it’s marketing and getting attention for their product. We can all ridicule the “peculiarity” of these applications, yet they did what they need to make us notice them – which are something that lot of awesome applications needed.

FuGenX Technologies Pvt. Ltd. – If you are looking best app development companies for iPhone game development and other IT-related services, please get in touch through mailing us at info@fugenx.ae or call on +919035927303.

Challenges faced by mobile app developers in developing mobile apps for business?


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mobile app developers

mobile application developers

As you know, mobile apps are easy to use one-touch access tool. But only a few people know about the challenges faced by mobile app developers in building a user-friendly mobile app. In the mobile app world, mobile application development companies face its own challenges that can be different technical platforms and design part of the app.

What are those challenges? How only well-versed companies can face those challenges dynamically?

Challenges in mobile app development are day by day mounting up, here are listed some major challenges faced by mobile app development companies:

Making app get noticed: Mobile apps can be developed by any mobile application development companies India, but the real task is making app get noticed by people. Just developing app and launching it, it is simply the waste of money. Since there is a tight competition in the mobile app market, you should think only about Mobile App Development Company that can make your mobile app get identified by your potential customers.

Making app compatible for different devices: Generally, business owners want to build mobile apps for different platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows by iOS app developers, android app developers and windows app developers, but they don’t think about different devices with different screen sizes. To acquire the fullest profit from your mobile app, it is essential to make your app adaptable to latest changes in the mobile technology.

User interactive app – utmost importance: Interactive apps are like a responsive web design. It is very important making a proper use of high-tech sensors to develop visually engaging mobile apps. This time taken process poses a big challenge for developers during the design phase.

Keeping app self-explanatory:  Android, Apple iOS and Windows are the widely used mobile apps in the world, but there are considerable differences between them. As a developer, he can develop any kind of mobile apps, but making app self-explanatory and easy to navigate for users s­hows his distinctness.

Battery consumption: In today’s mobile app market, when downloading any mobile apps, people not only consider its design and interface, but also give more importance for apps those consume less battery and data. The real challenge developer face is building a nicely performing bug-free app that can be capable to run on minimum possible battery.

User-friendly apps: Competition in the mobile app market has reached its peak. In this circumstance, developing apps with all possible features is not enough rather mobile application developers need to take utmost care to make users feel comfortable with their apps.

No transparency by app stores – a major concern:

Estimated market size for different category mobile apps is still not accurate or in other words, there is no proper estimation that which category is trending worldwide. App stores are not 100% transparent in this case. So, the burden is on mobile app developers finding the right market and estimating the market size for their clients’ apps.

Managing mobile app content: Mobile app content management includes content – videos, images and animations. Fluctuation in system connection and drop in the performance of wireless networks the results the failure of delivering rich content.

App promotion and marketing: Without a proper marketing strategy, it is difficult for any product or service to get recognized. When comes to mobile apps, since competition is very high and lack of right platforms, mobile app developers face dozens of challenges before bringing their apps to the market and making them noticed.

To face all these common challenges effectively, mobile apps developers need to be updated with the latest technology trends. Businesses those love technology trends can deliver assured return on investment for their clients.

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Facebook Application Developers India


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Facebook apps developers

Facebook applications have turned into an effective tool for enterprises to help their social networking strategy utilizing Facebook platform. By using the full social media development expertise, FuGenXFacebook app developers develops Facebook applications considering users to improve your image faithfulness and make phenomenal customer experience.


  • Flexible and intuitive applications with excellent user interface
  • Drive development and engagement on site through Facebook platform.
  • Mobile and web perfect for exceptionally customized experience
  • Confirmation and personalization for consistent social experience of business on Facebook
  • Functional, execution and security approval for diverse mobile devices
  • Flexibility to effectively overhaul or include new functionalities with least hazard
  • Streamlined applications for great user experience and develop enduring associations with prospects


FuGenX Technologies Pvt. Ltd. begins building Facebook applications by characterizing guides and method to give you powerful, include rich applications with a striking interface. We are one of the fastest growing Facebook application development companies India. Our portfolio of Facebook application developers service gives you a chance to convey your prospects to applications and make an additionally captivating and customized experience for them. We have effectively delivered different Facebook applications for different commercial enterprises with the advantages of driving user engagement and brand differentiation.

From basic applications to substantial scale enterprise applications, FuGenX Technologies Pvt. Ltd. – Facebook apps developers tailors the need to every individual customer with intensive meticulousness. By adjusting your FB application development procedure with your social networking objectives, we give solutions that are fascinating, proficient, drawing in and help effectively drive your business knowledge and information across your audiences.

Zen Cart Development India


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The development of the e-commerce has been developing on expanding on the most promoted notes of the book of achievement. It is particularly intended to make the procedure of instalment that is carried out through the online stores in the most effortless courses with no issues. It is more easy to use for the developers and for the online users. Zen Cartdevelopment is more open regarding innovation and it can be utilized by any non-specialized individual who is not techno savvy. The online stores have additionally gotten to be practical with this best in class innovation as it is the ideal stage for those works. It has a great deal of layouts, modules, and various features that made the product completely practical in all regards. It is otherwise called the stage of PHP that makes all the work less demanding and smoother. The fame has increased more in light of the fact that it is accessible free of charge and the individual won’t need to pay a single penny for that. The downloading and the establishment methodology are excessively simple that make the individual agreeable with the product.

Zen Cart development India is not new to this administration as it is anything but difficult to handle the administrator work from the back-end focuses. It is system with the least demanding peculiarities accessible in it. It is moderate in expense as it is accessible for nothing. It is the prime decision for the managers of the online business sector in light of the fact that they can make the clients instalment effective with the likelihood of the improvement of this administration.

Zen Cart development is considering this note of administration important for the offer a great deal of administrations with the product as the establishment is bother free that have a considerable measure of classifications where the showcase modes are accessible in a few ways. The pages that is accessible as an additional with the client modes in diverse ways. The effortlessness knew no limits as the instalment alternatives are in the distinctive modes with the pamphlets director choices, the discount coupons and numerous more. It is additionally accessible of a translator where multi-languages could be converted and currency is likewise backed in a various ways. These all alternatives and gimmicks made the product progressed and promoted among the individuals and pretty much all the engineers are utilizing this product to make the instalments of the online shopping well-turned.

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How to Choose Mobile App Developers for Your Application Development


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Mobile apps are completely revolutionizing the global community. Applications deliver instant access over the data with absolute convenience. Since the requirement gets growing, many mobile application development companies are developing apps for their customers to be focused with their business.

There is a demand for high profile mobile app developers, who acquire ability to uncover the challenges that they encounter to develop applications. It is evident that the digital world expects any company to own mobile applications to engage with customers on the go.

If you are in Dilemma to choose right mobile app developers, the points below can help you identify the best mobile application developers for your futuristic requirements.

First and foremost: App Portfolio

Experienced and high profile developers never shy away for this query. Quickly you can have a look at all the apps that they have developed. So that you can have an insight about their proficiency in your niche. Portfolio can definitely help you in process of considering the app developers potential.

Demand for Customer portfolio

Get to know the present and past customers that they have been working for, it helps you have a clear idea to be familiar on experience in developing apps for your niche market. Opt for the app developers who enhance the potential of your business massively.

Hunt for a developer interested to enhance your business

A high profile mobile app development company will not just guide you throughout the development process, but they also offer creative input depending on their experience with similar apps. Yes, only these high profile app developers would be interested to develop an apps with potential to enhance your business.

Developer with blend: Innovation, skill and proficiency

It is highly essential to find a developer who holds the ability to implement innovative ideas to transform your thoughts into actions, with a skill to develop a customized app that suits your requirement and acquires a proficiency over advanced development tools required for the application development.

If your mobile apps developers is able to meet the above listed basic criteria, you can start working with your developer to build your custom apps. FuGenX with its blend of high profile developers are ready to face the challenges and start working on your application development process. Email us at info@fugenx.com or call us at 080-66116611/66116600.

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A user friendly step-by-step Mac Tech support Protocol


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Mac is one of the successful combination of working composition created through Apple Inc. greatly assist Macintosh personal computer brand of computer systems. It is in reality a new graphical user-interface working framework, extensively utilised throughout the planet. Considering that its beginning, Apple mackintosh offers regularly consentrated about minimizing its technological and also conceptual consciousness on the user. This became completed as a way to creat the particular PC more standard as well as user-friendly since different to a new Microsof company main system. Microsoft doing work methods offer a lot of additional technological understanding towards client, which is a few of the moment baffling. Apple laptops are generally accordingly a lot less than just like Microsoft company handled PC. Many clients, who want to change from Microsof company development with a Mac pc guide, do really feel new lots of issues throughout having acclimated towards Apple mackintosh software program. Make use of the Mac pc assist to steer about every simple part of the particular mac PC software program. Many people will offer you because of the special understand.

Your own Mac pc offers tons of delicate details that want to become guaranteed using precise encryption. You can utilize file vault that is why. Scramble details making use of file vault:

  • First you have to close any other app that you just are choosing.
  • You then just Look for a Program Choices on the menu bar of Mac pc and as well click on the Safety.
  • When you have not decided on any password, you will need to click on the Set Master Password. When you have created previously password after set the mouse as well as Click on Turn on File Vault.
  • In the box of the Password, you could have type your current determined password in order to Confirm it is best to kind it once again. Subsequently Click on OK.
  • You have to type your current determined pass word for the client account. Then click on turn on File Vault as well as browse the message in which turns up. It’s for the data in which uses the conventional clientlogin secret word and not the Master Password which you have created a minute back.
  • Within the dialog, click on start File Vault or perhaps cancel to prevent. Regarding uprooting your current removed files totally, click on use safe wipe off.

Though it truly is turning quick as well as secure to solve Mac pc computer systems nowadays, specialized are generally encouraged regarding ingredient can handle. To get an practiced as well as specialist, training is very successful. Professionals understand several facets of PC and are also able of handling. There’re numerous types of Apple mackintosh achine personal computer unit nowadays, utilised intensely as well as broadly as a part of schools, business, as well as by using an individual amount. Hence, it might be need in order to take hold of and a lot of Mac pc assists.

There’re plenty possible damage and also corruptions which often can happen to your current Mac pc main system, that you could necessary special as well as specialist Mac pc repair providers. In case you’re seeing the particular gray display screen about beginning your PC, usually do not ignor the challenge. The situation isn’t that easy, rather this can raise necessary details catastrophe or perhaps diverse concerns. Within including approach circumstances, since observed from the special guide pros, these kinds of errors comes about using Apple mackintosh machine running Mac OSX ITSELF By Panther, Mac OSX Leopard, Macintosh OSX Tiger.

Within the vast majority of instances the problems get to end with one of these means Even so in case you’re definitely not in which prosperous user and also the problem however continue, don’t stressed, Mac pc repair authorities incorporate some successful solutions to repair. You have to reboot your PC making use of Apple mac OS X Drive. To execute the job your system support professional may primary that you start off the computer making use of the particular boot hard drive service as well as look at the particular hard disk drive firmness.

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Top 3 Messenger apps for relentless communication

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It’s a smartphone generation, yes we are here to discover how 3 best messaging apps being helpful for most of our communication needs.

We – mobile apps developers, are here to highlight the magnificent features of top 3 mobile messenger app that has overtaken the limit of the SMS.  All we need is an internet connectivity and it’s easy to get in touch with anyone across the globe. Many have forgone the use of SMS and calls, and for most of us Smartphones are not far than 3 feet away. Notifications have been clinging us to keep in touch with our smartphones.

Let us discover what top 3 messenger apps have for us


Whatsapp which can be accessed on IOS 4.3 and higher version, Android 2.1 and higher version, Blackberry OS 4.6 and above, Windows 7.5 and higher version. However there is no access over desktop.

It is easy to share the text, photos, videos, audios, contact information, location data etc. with just an Internet Connection. However it doesn’t support voice calls. Yet, there is great option for a group chat with exclusive features.


Voice calls across the globe with an internet connectivity, Viber lets you enjoy this exclusive feature. Along with added features which other messaging apps offers like to send text, photos, videos and location data. The recent update on viber even lets you make calls to a friend on desktop.

You can even swap an ongoing call from your smartphone to desktop and the other way round. The builtin custom emoticons and stickers are an extra feature for the users who prefer using images while chatting. Viber lets you to enjoy the group chat like other messenger apps.


Most widely used messenger for voice messaging service over all leading mobile platforms. The major attraction being live chat, if you are fond of video calls, Wechat would also get you a hold on video calling facilities, along with the pictures, videos, audios sharing. It’s an only app with few add-ons that lets you to make new friends randomly, you can also make friends with people by proximity.


All 3 apps lets you to send text, photos, videoclips, audio files and location data – which is a basic feature of a messenger app. However you can explore the possibilities of varieties of communication and social benefits to expand networking circles through WeChat.

Yet, Viber and Wechat supports free voice calls with friends or people connected to you. However Whatsapp has relentlessly offering exclusive experience and features for the users over basic messenger features.

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