Online shopping has revolutionized the way people make purchases. The growth of e-commerce has driven the online entrepreneurs to increase their scope through mobile applications. More than 2.14 billion people worldwide are expected to purchase services and goods online by 2021. Having an e-commerce website is not sufficient if you want to increase your visibility and sales. For a few reasons, mobile application is a better option when contrasted with the websites browsed on desktop and mobile. To fulfil the demand of mobile apps for e-commerce in UAE, there have been many mobile apps development companies came to the market.

Mobile application has various advantages over a web application for an enhanced customer experience. In this manner, if you are planning an extension of your existing e-commerce business, settling on a mobile app will definitely give you a chance to hold the trumps. Mobile app development is obviously a necessary step for e-commerce business owners. But in what ways would that help business owners? Let’s discuss that:

Faster Purchase: Fast Content Retrieval on App

Online stores must be sufficiently quick to have the capacity to build a solid core of loyal customers. The fact is, this is one of the aspects where mobile apps have a huge advantage over websites. Your e-commerce site must be mobile-friendly, but with a mobile application with instinctive UI/UX, your customers can shop quicker.

Since apps store their information locally on devices, they don’t need to pull the information from server and consequently, the content (products) is retrieved faster.

Push Notifications: The Easier way to Connect

Incredible products and offers will just increase the value of your business when they reach the customers on time. While there are communication channels like SMS, email to keep them informed and updated, they absolutely can’t beat the advantage push notifications have.

Sending a small notification through your app like: Get 50% off on some products; Weekend Sale! Can turn out to be very compelling in boosting your sales. Along with this, push notifications is a great approach to reconnect with the lost customers by sending offers, promotions, discounts, deals, etc. Your customers can take a look at these notifications even without opening the app.

Personalization: Customized Content for Customers

Customers appreciate personalized product offers and promotions, as it helps them in making an informed choice. For this, analyzing shopping patterns and learning about individual inclinations is important when it comes to rendering customized experience to the customers.

Products viewed, geolocation, social networking profiles, item categories, gender, age, brands are some of the components that influence personalization.

Creative brands are driving the path in defining the next generation of customers experience with e-commerce personalization, conveying more accurate, significant, and personalized touchpoints both in online and store.

In-app Analytics: Catch Intent-rich moments of users

Knowing the customer and broadening the services appropriately is equal to better conversion rate. Use the Conversion reports to track performance objectives and revenue targets. Mobile app analytics are a key to expanding app engagement and enhanced execution.

With app analytics, one can stay advised about user requirements and accordingly their behavior with the app like screen views, retention analysis, user navigation to different screens, etc. Depending on the feedback derived through these measurements, updates in the application should be possible, according to user requirements.

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