How will Blockchain technology is making an impact in healthcare


Blockchain is the world’s leading software platform for digital resources which has taken the world by a storm. In the present scenario when blockchain technologies are grabbing, startups are also attempting to make best utilization of it.

The functionality of Blockchain is via its platform where any type of data can be stored. The basic highlights of blockchain which make it an efficient and trustworthy storage space are the following.

*The information is stored in a shared database with no focal or ace duplicate, which makes it almost unimaginable for a hacker to corrupt.

*The information stored is regularly updated and tuned by different clients.

*This data is public, which implies anybody on the internet who has appropriate credentials can get to it.

These highlights make it an ideal platform for any sort of record keeping. This is the reason behind why blockchain can be relevant in and any sector, be it Business, Logistics, Manufacturing, etc.

Each and every industry needs some database in which a business can enter, store, edit and deal with the data identified with their work.

Like some other sectors, the healthcare industry has pulled in the consideration and enthusiasm of blockchain-based product designers in a significant and admirable way. Over the last two years, blockchain products going for utilizing the healthcare sector have mushroomed from various parts of the globe, with some having an intense effect and growing rapidly. These accomplishments underline the potential and guarantee that development of blockchain products will enhance the sector.

Potential uses of blockchain in healthcare

There is a lot of discussion about the effects of blockchain technology in healthcare. Here are some potential ways in which blockchain already is or can be deployed in healthcare:

Patient medical records:

Blockchain would offer a typical database of patient health information. With this database, doctors, nurses, and suppliers could access such data effortlessly, regardless of what EHR is used. Access to data inside a typical digital database would expand time spent on patient care, as opposed to sitting idle searching for patient data.

Privacy and Cybersecurity:

Patient protection and privacy are significant worries within healthcare. For those in healthcare, steps have been taken to organize and enhance security. Despite the fact that there have been initiatives, blockchain could be the solution healthcare is searching for. A system of PCs would keep up this virtual, incorruptible database. Since no single gathering or entity is responsible for holding the information, it can’t be changed without the approval of all partners, decreasing the risk of security breaks.  Subsequently, all members are responsible for ensuring information integrity and security.

Cooperation and governance:

Hospitals require great, reliable, and timely information, however they also require the ability to share information and data across organizations. A common digital blockchain database would allow those in healthcare to easily get to shared data at a faster than ever rate. In this manner, blockchain would enhance data governance because it would take into account more prominent trust in data, accomplish greater ownership in the data, improve interoperability, and result in better data-driven basic leadership.

Data and Analytics:

Shared information inside the virtual database will bring about continual updates, leading to enhanced real-time analytics. Blockchain would allow for greater confidence in health information exchange, and this would enable organizations to team up to understand healthcare trends. Moreover, healthcare providers would have a simpler time recognizing trends, which could have an impact on population health management and patient care.

Healthcare providers need to begin getting ready for this technology to disrupt healthcare, and society should prepare for its interruption on a more prominent level.

A survey conducted by Spok shows that an ever increasing number of hospitals are grasping mobile strategies for devices thanks to doctor demand. Hospitals clinicians need mobile devices in the workplace to help the process of searching staff, managing patient data, and equipment. So, smart hospitals are developing mobile apps with the help of top mobile app developers to improve patient care, streamline workflows, and increase efficiency.

By observing the realities and necessities of the present healthcare sector, mobile application development companies are encouraging clients with cutting edge and upgraded mobile healthcare apps that are built to meet the basic requirements of patients and doctors.

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5 Industries transformed by Big Data and Analytics

Big data is generating a lot of hype in every industry. The extension of the Internet of Things (IoT) has included multitudinous new sources of Big Data into data management landscape. With almost 2.3 million gigabytes of data created each and every day and the data universe doubling every two years, there is no denying that data is, and will proceed to, shape our world. With an expected growth of yet another $7.3 billion in 2018, the market size of big data will almost certainly break past the $40 billion mark in 2018.

As an ever increasing number of industries understand the benefits that big data analytics provides, current strategies and programs should advance and create to help bigger workloads. Big data is going to change how you work, it will disturb everything. There is a positively a great deal of truth in the idea of big data will have a major effect, but all the hype can feel a little abstract.  Thus, keeping in your mind end goal to give you a clearer idea of how data insights and predictive analytics area really evolving industries, here a list of the kinds of businesses that are profiting from big data.



Providing the right healthcare at the right time is basic, as having the capacity to analyze extensive and exceptional datasets to find trends in the population can help give better support for public safety. Today the value for big data in healthcare is largely limited to research because utilizing big data requires an exceptionally particular set of skills. There is huge volume of health data available that can be used to distinguish patterns. The main difficulties for the industry at the moment is gathering that data electronically and using it in a productive way.  But, if these issues are addressed, it could well huge effect on healthcare as a whole.


No industry epitomizes the essential elements of supply and demand better than retail. Data has always been used to understand how customers are purchasing, but data analytics will enable this become considerably more exact. Internet of Things shelf scanners are progressively ready to tell stores how empty or full their stocks are. Retails data analytics will then enable stores to always give the correct amounts of product required.


Education is the one of the biggest markets in the world, but educators have regularly failed to perceive how data can enable them to give better and more proper services to students.

At the point when students move starting with one classroom then onto the next and meet teachers for the duration of the day, it can be difficult to monitor of individual students progress. However, mobile apps development companies designed various applications which are using data gathered in school to provide teachers with a more unified insight into their students’ academic progress and enable them to spot issues and give extra help when required.


The insurance companies has always depended on math to calculate insurance costs. Traditional insurance would be calculated on risk based on crime statistics, credit scores and loss histories. Big data can possibly effect savvy insurance companies across the board. Risk analysis is the key one, with big data helping companies understand risks and rewards more accurately than ever, however it can also be utilized to recognize fraud.

Financial services

Finance has always been about numbers, but complex algorithms that can collect data from an ever wider number of sources help inform and support trading decisions. Utilize live and authentic information sustains to caution yourself to new opportunities quicker than human can read, and find new opportunities while picking up a competitive edge. Many financial institutions are adopting big data analytics in order to maintain a competitive edge.

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Why your E-commerce Business needs an Mobile App Integration


Online shopping has revolutionized the way people make purchases. The growth of e-commerce has driven the online entrepreneurs to increase their scope through mobile applications. More than 2.14 billion people worldwide are expected to purchase services and goods online by 2021. Having an e-commerce website is not sufficient if you want to increase your visibility and sales. For a few reasons, mobile application is a better option when contrasted with the websites browsed on desktop and mobile. To fulfil the demand of mobile apps for e-commerce in UAE, there have been many mobile apps development companies came to the market.

Mobile application has various advantages over a web application for an enhanced customer experience. In this manner, if you are planning an extension of your existing e-commerce business, settling on a mobile app will definitely give you a chance to hold the trumps. Mobile app development is obviously a necessary step for e-commerce business owners. But in what ways would that help business owners? Let’s discuss that:

Faster Purchase: Fast Content Retrieval on App

Online stores must be sufficiently quick to have the capacity to build a solid core of loyal customers. The fact is, this is one of the aspects where mobile apps have a huge advantage over websites. Your e-commerce site must be mobile-friendly, but with a mobile application with instinctive UI/UX, your customers can shop quicker.

Since apps store their information locally on devices, they don’t need to pull the information from server and consequently, the content (products) is retrieved faster.

Push Notifications: The Easier way to Connect

Incredible products and offers will just increase the value of your business when they reach the customers on time. While there are communication channels like SMS, email to keep them informed and updated, they absolutely can’t beat the advantage push notifications have.

Sending a small notification through your app like: Get 50% off on some products; Weekend Sale! Can turn out to be very compelling in boosting your sales. Along with this, push notifications is a great approach to reconnect with the lost customers by sending offers, promotions, discounts, deals, etc. Your customers can take a look at these notifications even without opening the app.

Personalization: Customized Content for Customers

Customers appreciate personalized product offers and promotions, as it helps them in making an informed choice. For this, analyzing shopping patterns and learning about individual inclinations is important when it comes to rendering customized experience to the customers.

Products viewed, geolocation, social networking profiles, item categories, gender, age, brands are some of the components that influence personalization.

Creative brands are driving the path in defining the next generation of customers experience with e-commerce personalization, conveying more accurate, significant, and personalized touchpoints both in online and store.

In-app Analytics: Catch Intent-rich moments of users

Knowing the customer and broadening the services appropriately is equal to better conversion rate. Use the Conversion reports to track performance objectives and revenue targets. Mobile app analytics are a key to expanding app engagement and enhanced execution.

With app analytics, one can stay advised about user requirements and accordingly their behavior with the app like screen views, retention analysis, user navigation to different screens, etc. Depending on the feedback derived through these measurements, updates in the application should be possible, according to user requirements.

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How UAE Banking Industry is doing it differently with Digital

Technology has been playing an ever-expanding role in the development of banking industry. Digitization in the banking sector is achieving considerable and tangible advantages in customer service, product development, and in other areas. Today, we see that banks are progressively utilizing advanced innovations to enhance their risk assessment and drive income.

Customers are progressively open to banking innovations driven by technology, private players are making significant ventures and government regulations are leading the charge. This is foremost to more financial incorporation everybody accesses propelled managing banking services and an extensive variety of financial offerings. In the Middle East region, most of banking customers consider smartphone as the most preferred mode for digital banking. Banks in the UAE are reacting to consumer preference by increasing their investment in digital innovation, concentrating particularly on enhancing their mobile banking security and user experience.

The following are some of the trends that could become major game changers in 2018. These trends are certain to play a key role in this transition.

Open Banking:

Open banking is a connected ecosystem of financial services, wherein third party developers use open APIs to build applications or services for financial institutions that allow banks to rapidly and securely enhance their digital offerings. With more APIs disclose by banks, the way toward completing payments and other banking transactions would be significantly quickened as well as simplified. The UAE Banks Federation has been driving activities in building an open banking platform that will interface the member banks with governmental department and ecosystems, for example, the Emirates Identity Authority.

Advanced Mobile Banking

A few banks are currently providing a downloadable customer solution that mobile subscribers can use to get to bank services. For customer convenience, most of the banks have developed their own banking app with the help of mobile app development companies Dubai to offer a reliable channel and enable customers to execute transactions like funds transfer, bill payments, track latest transactions, receiving notifications from bank, etc. Saudi Arabia and the UAE leads the way with a mobile banking adoption rate of 60 per cent and 52 per cent, respectively.

Banks ensure that their applications for mobile banking meets consistent ease of use and security tests to pick up an aggressive edge over others. Personalization, Biometric checks, exhaustive functionalities are some of the mobile banking trends that are being taken after.


Blockchain is a distributed database, wherein a list of records continuously widens up, in the form of blocks and is secured via cryptography. It has the capacity to record anything of value and ensure an unrivalled degree of transaction security.

A few major players have just started trail projects to measure the attainability of adopting blockchain into their ecosystems. It is Dubai who is driving the blockchain charge. The emirate has sketched out its intend to become a first blockchain-powered government in the world by 2020 as part of a move to make government services more effective and empower a huge number of business openings in the private sector.

Cryptocurrency Wallet:

Cryptocurrency wallet is a safe digital wallet with different blockchain to enable users to monitor their digital currency balance, send, receive, and conduct other operations. Cryptocurrencies will soon be a part of the international trading system. Considering this, the UAE set to get its own mobile wallet soon with the take-off of the Emirates Digital Wallet, the pace and degree of digitisation in the country is ready to quicken further.

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How are businesses using artificial intelligence?And how AI can add Value to Business?

Artificial intelligence incorporates an immense scope of innovations, like traditional logic and rule-based systems that enables PCs and robots to take care of issues in ways that at least superficially resemble thinking.


Compared to all other technologies Artificial intelligence can move faster and be more transformative. At present, a number of tech organizations and vendors are offering frameworks and APIs that enable business to make their own intelligent services. PCs and internet allowed for creative and quicker methods of doing things, which disrupted a lot of business and jobs. In the year 2017, funding firms have injected a whopping $3.6 billion in AI start-ups. Larger companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft and many more are investing billions in AI. So with all this money, what have we achieved? Here’s an overview:

 Predictive analytics:

Predictive analytics can be described as the ‘everywhere electricity’- it is not much of a product as it is a form of potential that can be added to everyone in the process. Be it real estate, banking & finance, fashion, or mobile apps development company, each and every industry vertical is motivated to adopt AI-based predictive analytics because of proven profits on investment, by analysing what has been done up to a particular point and what needs to be done in order to reap maximum benefits from a process.

Chatbots and voice-assistants:

Developments in AI have given rise to sophisticated one-to-one conversational abilities, and has enabled machines in evolving amongst the most critical aspects of lifelike interactions, especially those with contextual understanding. At present, chatbots are growing exponentially among both the enterprise domains and consumers, with potential to deal with different tasks, including travel search and booking, shopping, payments, task management, office management, and customer support.

Image recognition and diagnostics: 

AI solutions based on computational power are en route, and will be dealing with organized sets of data. To make that happen, a significant amount of computational power would be required to shape the algorithms up.

Israel-based Zebra Medical Systems is already practicing deep learning strategies in radiology. Iris and fingerprint recognition systems are already used by travellers at UAE airports, and another example of how these technologies are actively being used in the mainstream is Chinese tech company ‘WeChat Pay’ (the mobile payments unit of Tencent) and Alipay (the mobile payments arm of Alibaba) uses advanced mobile-based image and facial recognition techniques for financing, insurance claims authentication, loan disbursement, fraud management and credit history ratings of both retail and enterprise customers.

Smart Robots:

Smart robots include machine learning and different innovations to automate tasks and reduce labour. One striking example of the same is the smart robot “Flippy” that makes hamburgers. Yes, a robot that makes hamburgers! It builds on many years of successful application of robotics in manufacturing. Amazon has more than 45,000 robots working in its fulfilment centres.

One significant expansion of AI is its incorporation into business functions. In the fast food industry, complete automation may reduce contamination from human sources and AI integration. Similarly, in telecommunication, AI can totally change marketing approaches because of its inborn capacity to convey the business nearer to the customers. Not only food industry and telecommunication, but also in fields like Agriculture, Transport, medicine, finance, aviation and manufacturing, the use of AI is already building significance. According to Gartner, the prominent technology research firm, software, robots and other smart machines will take over one in three jobs currently conducted by humans by the year 2025.

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Why does UAE want to use Blockchain technology?

Dubai itself has looked to position itself at the edge of innovation through recent initiatives. It has announced its future plans to use blockchain technology to move all of the government’s transactions online by the year 2020. In fact, ‘The Smart Dubai Office’ has won an award for its Dubai Blockchain Strategy activity.

BC tech

Blockchain technology, initially designed as an appropriated database list system behind Bitcoin, has the potential to genuinely disrupt various industries and make processes peer-to-peer, transparent, secure, and proficient. It can be used by several conspicuous elements in the Emirates including healthcare providers, Dubai International Financial Centre and Dubai Multi Commodities Centre.

There are many Bitcoin mobile wallets designed by mobile apps development companies with loads of security features. They work just like an app and enable you to pay effortlessly using your smartphone. The main function of cryptocurrency wallets is to store your digital currency and provide you with a medium to exchange and transfer cryptocurrencies.

Due to Bitcoin’s flow, the total value of its currency has grown at triple-digit rates every year. It is not controlled by any central authority such as banks or governments. Whatever the genuine worth of Bitcoin, as of late it has been blockchain technology that has seen the greater part of investment from banks, governments, and large organizations, because it reduces the risk of fraud. Without a doubt, the future of Blockchain looks bright, and dynamic in a volatile way.

The blockchain technology can be used as a platform to build helpful applications, which can be mended with solutions in the field of retail payments, infrastructure, trade finance and syndicated loans, settlements, capital markets, and consistence activities.

According to a report from Financial Times, six of the largest banks in the world partnered to create a new form of digital cash that would assist in clearing and settling financial transactions over blockchain-based platforms. The Global Blockchain Council includes 32 individuals including government entities and international organizations such as Cisco, SAP, IBM, and Microsoft, and blockchain start-ups, which are aggressively moving on towards a world powered by blockchain technology. In fact, Emirates Islamic Bank has already integrated with Blockchain technology to detect frauds in online transactions.

The UAE government recently announced that central bank of the UAE was working with Saudi Arabia to issue a digital currency based on blockchain that would be accepted in government transactions between the two countries. This appears to be the first time two countries have consented to cooperate on such a system, which Sfeir-Tait said was “unique, and an excellent initiative for distributed leger technology”.

“Both Saudi Arabia and the UAE have made open commitments leverage blockchain technology as a major aspect of their strategy for the future. So, it is true that they are adopting a proactive strategy to explore the use of cryptocurrencies,” Lobrano said.

In 2016, an innovation centre, Dubai’s Museum of the Future announced the formation of research group focused on blockchain technology. UAE is working to set up the nation as a major financial technology player and has just begun to try different things with the potential uses of blockchain in public and private sectors.

International companies, financial specialists foundations, billionaires and even a few governments have influenced it to clear that they will support and begin using blockchain technology as a whole— it gives investors and cryptocurrency holders a huge confidence boost.

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Digital Solutions for Small Businesses

The use Digital-Solutions-for-Small-Businessesof modern technology has enabled developing businesses to accomplish more success and recognition, also enhance their productivity. Technology has become an integral part of every business, and without the help of technology, small businesses just can’t survive. It can be hard to stay aware of the latest advances in business technology, because every day, there is something new in technology.

According to a recent market study, the business of either large, or small size can enhance their development chances by an extensive 85% when they integrate the advanced technology solutions into their operations. So here are a few best technology solutions that each and every business should know and consider putting resources into:

Building responsive website

Aim to design websites that your clients can surf comfortably and view on any kind of device. Basically, the content and hyperlinks on a site should adjust to the device being used to see the website. This is done by improving and organizing content on the site and changing certain basic components of design.

As browsing is significantly atypical on smartphones and tablets, putting resources into this basic yet effective technology can enormously intensify an organization’s growth rate. So, it is better to hire a top website architect or mobile application development company to deliver what you require to excel in your space.

Moving to a Cloud-Based Service

Cloud computing can make a complex process considerably easy by using high-computational power for processing, organizing and delivering an output. Cloud-based technology can also save money that would have been generally putting resources into IT foundation.

Cloud services are moderately inexpensive, and enable organizations to work in a more open, versatile, and responsive way. Whether you are a part of an extensive enterprise hoping to extend, or maintaining your own small business and attempting to get off the ground, the procedure will dependably be unique.

With a cloud computing system set up for your business, or even for an individual organization, you promptly gain automatic, secure backup for your delicate work records.

Business Phone Services

In this digital era, the modular business phone services are playing a vital role in growing a business on the internet. A safe and reliable communication platform is very important for the employees and team members, as well as clients. VOIP or voice over internet protocol is a cloud-based phone service that allows you to stay connected with your customers anytime, anywhere.

Personalized Email Marketing

The aim of personalized email marketing is to genuinely connect with customers through email by communicating with each as an individual. There are various advantages in this type of marketing, for both organizations and customers.

In email marketing, you can buy lists of potential customers from trading groups. Personalized offers can be based on past purchases or popular services or products. There are generally simple, yet modern, approaches to utilize personalization in your emails by using a name. One way is to get an email with your name and customized offers; another is to get an email with the most recent offers. For better results in your business, you can make your marketing strategies more personalized.

Security Technology

Security is most important for every business, no matter small or large. Glitches in the security structure of an organization can get in big trouble for losing customers and employee’s data. So it is better to invest resources into the latest security technology to ensure all the information remains safe.

Now a days mobile apps are essential for every business. It does not matter what type of business is yours, building a mobile app for business is a great way to connect and retain your customers, and also boost your sales. So, every business owner must realize that building a mobile app, with the help of top mobile apps development companies, is quite important if they want to stay relevant in the industry.

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UAE’s smartphone penetration gives huge opportunities to local SME’s

According to Axiom report, application development industry is making ripe ground for UAE’S young, tech-savvy innovators with huge possibilities for growth. And 60% of Middle East’s smartphone app business was caught by the UAE.


In another research conducted by Google in 2016, the UAE ranked number one in global smartphone penetration at 73.8 percent, the same growth in mobile application is continuing in this year also with the enormous uptake of smartphone in the UAE.

The Dubai Smart City activity, launched by Dubai’s e-government, intends to change the Emirate into a global smart city in the upcoming years. As of now, everyone in this country depends on smartphone for things like ticket booking, food delivery, tracking location, laundry, and what not! A lot of governments as well as private organizations are searching for various markets to invest. Because of this expansion, Dubai is turning into a hub for tech innovations. Hence, mobile apps have a huge demand in the upcoming years.

“What we are witnessing now is a lifestyle evolution, one in which errands are transforming into services, all with the help of mobile apps,” says Faisal Al Bannai, one of the most prominent businesspersons in UAE.

Particularly, every tech start-up coming up in this region intends to develop a mobile app that can fill the gap that exists in the market. The demand for mobile apps among the tech-savvy ones is huge and that is what’s driving the app development growth at such staggering pace. As relatively few mobile app development companies have still not wandered in Dubai and local regions, you will find a good scope to take over the market.

Numerous UAE-based tech start-ups have just hinted at early achievement, for example, Careem, Fetchr, and ReserveOut. Yet many other innovative UAE-based start-ups apps are influencing a strong presence in the market, from on-demand laundry service provider, washmen, InstaShop, grocery, and various online food delivery platforms, for example, Eat Easily, Talabat, and Food on Click.

The cost of app development is different for each app’s design requirements. However, it is evaluated that the development costs range of complex or recognised brand apps ranges between $50,000 to $150,000, and that small apps can cost between $3,000 to $8,000.

A report from Accenture indicated that tech start-ups and digital entrepreneurs can possibly contribute altogether to the UAE’s economy. Figures from the consultancy show that digital change, or improving the utilization of digital skills and innovations, can include about AED 51.4 billion to the country’s GDP.

However, the hidden purpose behind the success of Dubai’s app industry is verifiably that app developers started focusing on app market and implementing what potential clients need.

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This is where 5G services will reach the earliest

Smartphone usage has shot up in the Middle East, and as of now, it has become one of the regions with largest number of smartphone users in the world.  For 2018, the number of smartphone users in Middle East and Africa is estimated to reach 157.7 million. In the wake of this, demand for mobile apps developers Dubai is also expected to increase.


According to a report from GSMA, the Middle East and North African region is poised to be first in the world to launch commercial 5G networks. By 2025, there will be more than 50 million 5G connections across this region. By then, 5G networks will have covered around 30% of the region’s population. Also, the report highlights that mobile broadband 3G and 4G networks account for almost half of total number of mobile connections, and are expected to increase to 70% by 2020.

“With rising mobile broadband adoption, growing subscriber numbers and increasing smartphone use, mobile is having an incredible impact on this diverse region, ushering in an era of innovative tech startups and new mobile services, as well as helping to connect the unconnected,” said Mats Granryd, Director General, GSMA. “At the same time, we urge operators to continue investment in 4G networks to ensure future growth and encourage governments to set policies that promote technological, social and economic progress to create a society where all citizens can benefit from mobile technology.”

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states – Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates will be among the first ones in the world to launch commercial 5G networks. The combination of high 4G adoption rates and government support is paving the way for 5G development in the region. Telecom providers Etisalat and Ooredoo are already conducting live 5G trails, and launches expected with commercial services based on 3GPR release 15 in dense urban areas in 2020.

At the end of 2016, mobile penetration in the region stands at 63%, which is expected to grow by 65% by 2020 with the GCC markets approaching saturation and less developed markets like Comoros, Djibouti, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen struggling to connect more subscribers.

The report also mentions that the mobile industry contributed more than $165 billion to the regional economy, expected to touch $200 billion. Back in 2016, the mobile industry also supported more than 1 million employees in the region. Mobile industry in this region also makes a significant commitment to the funding of the public sector with $20 billion raised through tax collection in 2016.

Mobile services like online networking, video and internet business are being consumed, because of the tremendous growth in smartphone adoption over the region. Also, mobile OS has proved to be the best platforms for creating new digital solutions. Consequently, there is a huge demand for mobile apps that is expected to grow exponentially in coming years.

We can already see businesses turning to best mobile app development companies for apps and allied solutions. The report noted that mobile internet penetration has doubled across the region over the last 6 years, reaching just under 40% penetration by mid-2017.

Executive Vice-president and group president of Verizon Wireless, Ronan Dunne says:

“5G will enable more than $12 trillion in global economic revenue, and supported 22 million jobs worldwide, by 2035. Because of all the business 5G can drive, it may lead to more startups and expansion of corporations in the Middle East region”.

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What You Need to Know About Dubai Municipality Apps and Online Services?

What-You-Need-to-Know-About-Dubai-Municipality-Apps-and-Online-Services (1)

The popularity of online services is increasing around the world. Since a variety of services and products are available at our convenience to order online, life has gone easier for people across the world. Most of the services offered by Dubai Municipality are available online as well as on mobile apps – from renewing land maps to product registration to locating beaches and parks, which has encouraged other government bodies to develop mobile applications. It has created a great demand for mobile application developers in Dubai. Dubai is turning out to be smart in every area.

The civic body has a record of moving more than 80% of its services to online. Earlier they announced that starting from Sep 4, cash and check won’t be accepted at Dubai Municipality. Customers can utilize any of the smart channels, for example, e-Dirham and e-pay through DM’s site and mPay app of Dubai government.

A variety of e-transactions are allowed to make at the municipality’s portal,, and through different applications. Visitors don’t have to go to the municipality or any of its centers to complete transactions. E-payment system enables them to pay fees from their own offices or homes.

Around 5,000 to 6,000 customers visit municipality centre- Al Twar, Al Manara, Al Kifaf and Hatta every day. And also these centres educate customers about their online services.

Ali Atiq Al Ketbi, senior marketing and communication specialist at the department said, “We will promote mPay among the visiting customers. But we will help the senior citizens and people of determination make transactions as per their convenience.”

Dubai Municipality has launched many mobile apps with the help of mobile app development companies to offer government services at fingertips.

Dubai Municipality Apps for the Public:

DM 24\7:

This app helps customers rise their query online and enjoy smart customers experience without the need of calling the call centers. This app is only available for iOS devices.


The app helps all residents and tourists search, define & locate places and enjoy navigating to desired destinations through mobiles, tablets, desktop & GPS navigational devices accurately and quickly.

Kharetati app:

This is an electronic system for issuing and renewing maps. The app allows landholders to obtain on-site map from Dubai Municipality.

Al Mawashi app:

This app allows you to see and choose the animals for the purpose of sacrifice and make online payment.

Montaji app:

This app enables consumers to confirm any product they wish to purchase or examine that is registered and compliant with Dubai Municipality regulations.

Green Ticket app:

Green Ticket provides you the details of services available at Dubai Municipality centers and book tickets in advance or upon arrival at a center.  And also it allows you to follow-up tickets that have been issued.

Aleef app:

The app provides information on pet services like adoption of and care of animals in Dubai. The app helps know private clinics and municipality veterinary clinics in the city.

Parks and Beaches app:

This app provides all details about the locations, facilities, beaches, parks and ticket cost of them in Dubai.

Najam Suhail:

This app helps visualize the current and historical weather data for Dubai. It gives warnings and alerts in advance about sand storms.

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